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May 2, 2013

The cover of San Francisco Chronicle‘s Home & Garden section featured the master bathroom of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in its Sunday edition, April 28, 2013. Read here.

This master bathroom was completely remodeled in less than eight weeks by the Canyon Construction team, led by Jim Kirkworld.

The designers of this breathtaking space are Kevin Hackett and Jessica Weigley of Siol Studios. Together, they created “A Sacred Space to Bathe.” A compartmental room designed to balance connection, health, beauty and daily use.

The living, herbal plant wall behind the bath tub is a creative collaboration with David Brenner of Habitat Horticulture. It’s currently growing eight types of plants, including three different herbs. These herbs freshen the scent in the room or can be added to your soak for a spa-like experience.

View photos of every room on Curbed SF. 

Come experience the Showcase House, April 27 – May 27. More information available at

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